01. A good hot bath will help to [soothe] those sore muscles.
02. The smell of her perfume [soothed] and relaxed him, and he soon fell asleep.
03. The mother stroked her baby's back to [soothe] him, and put him to sleep.
04. The father held his daughter in his arms, and sang to her to [soothe] her after she woke up crying from a nightmare.
05. The young woman put on some [soothing] music, and sat down with a glass of wine to relax with her husband.
06. This cream works well to [soothe] dry, itchy skin.
07. You can [soothe] the pain of a bee sting by rubbing it with a piece of raw onion.
08. "Just relax and close your eyes," she said [soothingly].
09. He was desperate to find something to [soothe] his toothache.
10. Research shows that a good marriage [soothes] people, minimizing the negative health effects caused by an unhappy job.
11. Karl Marx believed that religion serves to [soothe] the exploited majority like an anesthetic.
12. Opera singer Maria Callas once observed that when music fails to agree to the ear, to [soothe] the ear and the heart and the senses, then it has missed the point.
13. Rev. James Bramston once stated that music has charms to [soothe] the savage beast.
14. During the Middle Ages, wine or beer was mixed with eggs, bread, sugar, and spices, and was used to [soothe] and heal the ill.
15. Honey is used in many cough syrups because its smooth, thick texture [soothes] throats.
16. Beauty experts say that cucumber helps cool, [soothe], refresh and hydrate the skin.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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